Full-body Burial Options

Traditional Funeral or Celebration of Life

A traditional funeral or celebration of life is probably the service most people are familiar with. Family and friends will gather to pay their last respects a few days after your passing or that of a loved one. Following the service, the body will be taken to a cemetery for interment or a mausoleum for entombment.

Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

A funeral home or mortuary can facilitate a memorial service or celebration of life for you or your loved one If other arrangements have already been made for the proper care and final resting place of the body. These facilities are ideally-suited to accommodate large gatherings and can provide resource for religious leaders and/or family to present eulogies on behalf of the deceased.

Immediate Burial

You or your loved one may only require the services of the funeral home or mortuary for immediate burial and nothing more. They will receive the body and prepare it for interment at a cemetery or entombment at a mausoleum. The funeral home or mortuary will not facilitate nor participate in a memorial service or celebration of life.

Green Burial

Founded on the belief that after-death care should not be harmful to the environment, green burials take several measures to ensure as small an environmental footprint as possible. From biodegradable burial containers to non-toxic embalming materials to green-certified cemeteries, green burials are an excellent way to preplan with Mother Nature in mind.

Human Composting

Also known as natural organic reduction, this process reduces the deceased body to a rich soil that fosters the growth of new life by way of the body’s latent nutrients. It uses very little energy to complete, and has an exceedingly small carbon footprint. This is an increasingly popular way method of burial and burial preplanning as of late.