Cremation Options

Traditional Service Followed by Cremation

Similar to a traditional funeral, family and friends will gather to pay their last respects a few days after your passing or that of a loved one. A casket is often used to provide the expected level of reverence and decorum that are appropriate for the service, allowing for a viewing of the deceased prior to being cremated.

Cremation Followed by Memorial Service

It may not always be possible nor desirable to have a traditional service. In those cases, a cremation followed by a memorial service may be the best option. Friends and family may gather to celebrate your life or that of a loved one, display photos, and share stories and fond memories. An urn may also be displayed if desired.

Direct, or “Simple,” Cremation

A direct, also known as a “simple,” cremation is often the most economical and costs-effective option. The funeral home or mortuary will not facilitate nor participate in a memorial service or celebration of life. Rather, you or your loved one will be cremated, and the ashes given to the family directly. An urn may be used to contain the ashes if desired.

Water Cremation

The body is cremated in water using an eco-friendly and cost-efficient method, a form of electrolysis. What remains are a person’s bones, kept in an urn, which are returned to one’s family. This is in addition to the creation of a nutrient-rich fertilizer, that may be used to help nurture new plant-life of your or your family’s choosing. This is known as a “green” method of this process as it emits very little pollution and uses only a fraction of the energy traditional cremation requires.